What Does Your Birth Date Say About Your Life


According to numerology, every person’s birth date says something about them and their life. Your birthdate plays an important role in determining the occurrences for future events in your life and it has a significant effect on your present life as well. Many people still do not consider it a valid thing but most people around the world believe that their birth date has some effect on their life.
Apart from numerology, your birth date can be used in various fields like verifying your age and it can be used as a proof of date of birth in several documents. Do certain exams also ask questions on birth dates like what year was I born on if I am 21 years old in the year 2015? So, the birth dates of people are used in different scenarios and at different levels.

Numerology And Birth Date

Our date of birth has a unique sensation and strength; there is no possibility that we were born on a certain day, month, or year. Prehistoric astrologists claimed that our date of birth is associated with the divine powers that support us in our incarnation and along our life journey. 

By using a mathematical scheme, we will obtain our “prophecy figures” or “unique lucky figures” from our date of birth. These figures reveal a lot about our place in society and the challenges that await us in our lives. 

The most significant of these is the Life Path number-the cumulative value of the actual date of birth.

Life Path Number

The aggregate total of the day, month, and year of one’s birth is referred to by various numerologists as Path of Life, Life Lesson, Birth Route, Birth Force, or, often, Prophecy Number. 

It reveals, as its titles indicate, our purpose in life, our role in life, as well as what the world wants for us. By the stimulation of Life Course, we generally choose our profession, or else this stimulation is reflected in our other desires. 

Significance Of Day, Month And Birth Year For An Individual

Significance Of Birth Day

Day of Birth number is comparable to the Moon in astrology. It is part of the natural environment that we create at the early stages of our existence. It identifies the main skillsets and character traits that we have been trying to cultivate since childhood. It shows our talents, abilities, and tools that we all have managed to bring into this life, and is a crucial factor in the selection of our career path.

Significance Of Month

The month of birth is useful to analyze one ‘s personality. The month of birth has a massive impact on our persona and indicates how our youthful, more early experiences will affect our adult years. 

When we are youthful, our fate has still not been consolidated, but events that take place can help influence our path in life, which is activated mainly from the age ranges of 28 to 56.

Significance Of Year

The year that we’ve been conceived demonstrates the whole concept that we have defined to reside in this creation. 

By mentioning the year of one’s birth, we could even evaluate what kind of observation we’re going to have that we can use to discover our specialty in our lives. The year of birth further gives us the impression as to the responsibilities that we will have that will enable us to grow up and evolve.