Top Five Substitutes For Smashing Four Game


Smashing four in an online one vs one game where you battle with your enemy in the same arena and try to defeat them within the shortest span of time and with the least number of moves. You have to choose a four plate deck in order to start the game and make sure you choose the best team. Smashing four deck builder strategy can be based on your knowledge about the payers and the arenas.

Although this game made a huge user base in a very short time period, there are certain options for the people who want to explore similar kinds of gameplay of similar strategy-based games. We have a list of games here that can be a good fit for the people looking for a substitute for this game.

Clash Of Clans

Clash Of Clans is a strategy based game and it is one of the most popular games ever by the creator Supercell. In the clash of clan game the players use all existing means, create the entire town, protect it against the terrifying opponents, predators, and thousands of random users. You may make bold partnerships with your buddies to achieve power through armed force, strike your rivals, and capture their lands, wealth, and seize the wealth. It can be found both on android and ios platforms for free.

War Heros

This game can be a perfect replacement for the smashing four games as it has some same features just like smashing four. War heroes is a pure strategy, multiplayer game where players from all around the globe come online and compete with each other, and that too for free. Here in this game, you have to collect cards and upgrade them with weapons and troops. Some more cards like destructive aircraft and flame throwers are also there that can be utilized in combat.

Mighty Battles

Mighty Battle is developed by Hothead Games for mobile devices and it is a multiplayer, strategy-based game. In this game, the commander will build his clan and command the army to attack the opponent to destroy the opponent’s base to win the game points. The game has very clean and outstanding gameplay and it can engage you for hours without taking a break. You can compete with anyone around the one in a one on one manner and upgrade your squad after winning over them.

Jungle Heat

Jungle heat is another addition to the large user base of multiplayer in real-time strategy-based games from the developers BV. The game is set up in the jungle area and you have to build your kingdom or clan and grow it by finding the required nourishment from the nearby area. The game has three major currencies that can be used in purchases which are gold, oil, and gems. Strengthen your base by developing labs, resources, and training your troops to attack and conquer your opponents.

Chaos Battle League

Chaos battle league is developed by Game Studio, Inc. and it is a very fast-paced, multiplayer strategy based online game. You can have a conversation while in the game with other players and exchange your cards to uplift your game characters. You can play this game for free but if you want some extra goodies, you can get it from the in-game store by paying a price.