The Best of Social Networking Apps

The progress of Smartphones in the past couple of years has been extraordinary. Almost everyone nowadays uses a Smartphone. In case you are reading this article, it is very probable you are reading it on a Smartphone. Almost all sectors have been affected by this growth. Social media has been one particular sector where Smartphones have created a big difference in its development. The growth rate has been important. Everybody is connected socially 24×7 because of these smart products. You don’t have to sit on your desktop or laptop after going back home after work and log in to a social network to be connected to a number of people.

Here are a few Social Networking Apps which have changed or affected the lives of millions throughout the world one way or the other:

WhatsApp Messenger:

You don’t pay $19 Billion to acquire just any other company. WhatsApp definitely is not only “any other company”. Facebook recently paid 19 big ones to get this messenger service. WhatsApp is actually a cross-platform messenger which functions on almost all Smartphone operating systems. Along with messages, you are able to send out pictures, sound, video along with GPS locations in an effective and easy means. And all this completely free.

The way in which this changed life: Before you go out all of us send out a “Selfie” to our best friends to get the final verdict on just how we look. Or perhaps do not we?


Next up is Vine. This is a video-sharing app which enables users to make short/mini videos and share them to a feed extremely similar to some other social networks. It has become extremely popular among many production homes and ad agencies for launching trailers and teasers. Also used for merchandise commercials.

The way in which this changed life: Changed the entire perspective on just how we look at video! You are able to spend a long time watching a 6-second video, weird right?


Allow me to elaborate a little bit on the term “Selfie” which I utilized in the above area. It was named as Oxford Dictionary’s word of the season. That pretty much sums up the effect Social media has and photographs have on the whole world. Instagram continues to be a leading element for the promotion of the term “Selfie”. It’s an image sharing Social network which is actually quite, fast, and simple fun to be truthful. It has features just like some other social network. The pictures that you share goes to on to a feed, you are able to follow others and get followed. There are also some preloaded filters to be applied to the pictures of yours before sharing them. Cross-network sharing (Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, etc) is also available.

The way in which this changed life: SELFIE.


Facebook has probably the largest selection of users till date and will be the world’s biggest Social Network. Exactly how could a Social media countdown be complete with no Facebook in it? Everyone who’s online or perhaps uses the Internet is actually on Facebook. The mobile application has all of the functions that the first site has, and is much better for some functionality. With the app, while you sit at a Coffee shop, you are able to upload an image of the coffee of yours, add the place, provide the feedback of yours, and tag the friends that went along with you. Truly a full Social media App.

The way in which this changed life: Before getting a photo clicked we believe if would like it to become a Facebook DP or perhaps not! Sadistic? Maybe!

Other great Apps which should have a note on this particular countdown:

• Google+

• Pinterest

• Twitter

• Tumblr

• Foursquare

• Snapchat