The best calculators on the internet


There are a lot of calculators that you can find online. Most of these calculators are free to use. There are calculators to measure height. There are calculators for keeping track of expenses. There are calculators which tell you how much your partner loves you. There are actually millions of calculators online. Some of these calculators are so weird that you will wonder why they exist and what purpose they serve.

Here is a list of the best calculators in the world which are practically helpful in day to day life for people all over the world. Go through this list and thank me later if you find something useful.

  1. Age calculator

This is one of the best calculators I have come across. It lets you know your age just with a  few details that you enter on the website. There are a lot of websites like these which help you calculate your age. But this one is out of the world. With interesting features and easy to use interface, this calculator is definitely worth trying out.

  1. Height Calculator

This is again one of the weird calculators that you can find on the internet. This website helps you measure your height in just a few clicks. There is actually a lot of things that you can do with this calculator. Measuring your height is just one of the things that it does well.

  1. Food calculator

This is again one of the most interesting calculators that you can find on the internet. There are a lot of calculators which have been created with the idea of this calculator. But, not all of them are successful. There are actually only a few calculators like these which make it to the mark.

  1. PPI calculator

PPI calculator is one of the best online tools that can be used to calculate the pixels of a digital frame. It is really amazing to use and gives you instant results. There are actually quite a few websites that I have tried before finding this tool. I think I am quite lucky to have found this website. Now I can easily get the pixel density of all digital devices instantly.

  1. Bug calculator

Most tech-savvy people are really into. Bug calculator is one tool that helps such people find errors in apps and websites and help them make it better. This is actually a really cool tool and if you are a developer you will find it very useful.

That was the list of the best tools that you can use today online. There are actually a lot of other such tools on the internet. You can find them with a simple google search. Hope you found this article helpful. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.