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How To Prepare For Your Board Exams

Are you preparing for your board exams? Do you need advice for your preparations? If yes, this is the right article for you. To create an effective plan and get the best results from your efforts, you need to use the most effective methods for exam preparation. This article covers the best tips and tricks that can help you prepare for your exam in a better way. Take a look at the tips below to understand how you can prepare for your board exams:

  1. Organize your study area

One of the best tips for creating a proper study plan is to organize the space where you intend to study. Having a well-organized study room will automatically make you feel like studying. Besides, when you have a well-organized study area, you can get access to all your study materials easily which in turn will save you a lot of time.

  1. Create a study plan

Having a study plan ready can help you manage your time well. When you have a well thought out study plan in place, it really helps you prepare well for your exams. Creating a study plan means figuring out the subjects that need more attention and setting priorities for them accordingly.

  1. Create specific study goals for each subject

Keep a tab on each subject and set study goals for all of them. Knowing when and what to study will save a lot of your headache.

  1. Make charts

One of the best ways to memorize things is to see them every day. Therefore, it is a really good idea to surround your room with charts of science formulas and NCERT class 12 maths solutions. When you have these NCERT class 12 maths solutions in your study room, you will look at them often and hence you will remember them easily.

  1. Study in groups

This will help you keep track of what is being taught in the classroom. You can get solutions to all your doubts and you can also teach others what you know which is again good for you. Group study also helps you communicate better and look at things from a different perspective.

  1. Practice old question papers

This is one of the most efficient ways of preparing for the exams. Practising old question papers gives you an idea of the question paper format.  When you practise regularly, you get the idea of how much time you need to spend on the questions asked.

  1. Make notes

Preparing notes will help you to get to the important points quickly. This can help you save time and prepare better. Therefore, make sure to prepare your notes well and use them for revision.

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The best calculators on the internet

There are a lot of calculators that you can find online. Most of these calculators are free to use. There are calculators to measure height. There are calculators for keeping track of expenses. There are calculators which tell you how much your partner loves you. There are actually millions of calculators online. Some of these calculators are so weird that you will wonder why they exist and what purpose they serve.

Here is a list of the best calculators in the world which are practically helpful in day to day life for people all over the world. Go through this list and thank me later if you find something useful.

  1. Age calculator

This is one of the best calculators I have come across. It lets you know your age just with a  few details that you enter on the website. There are a lot of websites like these which help you calculate your age. But this one is out of the world. With interesting features and easy to use interface, this calculator is definitely worth trying out.

  1. Height Calculator

This is again one of the weird calculators that you can find on the internet. This website helps you measure your height in just a few clicks. There is actually a lot of things that you can do with this calculator. Measuring your height is just one of the things that it does well.

  1. Food calculator

This is again one of the most interesting calculators that you can find on the internet. There are a lot of calculators which have been created with the idea of this calculator. But, not all of them are successful. There are actually only a few calculators like these which make it to the mark.

  1. PPI calculator

PPI calculator is one of the best online tools that can be used to calculate the pixels of a digital frame. It is really amazing to use and gives you instant results. There are actually quite a few websites that I have tried before finding this tool. I think I am quite lucky to have found this website. Now I can easily get the pixel density of all digital devices instantly.

  1. Bug calculator

Most tech-savvy people are really into. Bug calculator is one tool that helps such people find errors in apps and websites and help them make it better. This is actually a really cool tool and if you are a developer you will find it very useful.

That was the list of the best tools that you can use today online. There are actually a lot of other such tools on the internet. You can find them with a simple google search. Hope you found this article helpful. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Owning a car or ride-sharing: which is the better option?

Owning a car costs a significant amount of money. It is not just the cost of the car that comes into account. There are a lot of other expenses included when you get a car. Maintenance and servicing of the car is one aspect that you need to bear with the cost of the car. Other than this, there is the cost of insurance. While you can research and choose from the best car insurance companies in India, you can’t avoid it or cut down this expense.

So, is there no way around this? Of course, there is. This is a way that will get you the benefits of transportation while reducing the cost drastically. Besides, there is no hassle in this. I’m talking about ride-sharing.

Ride-sharing: The new trend

As a matter of fact, many people in India are taking up this practice of using ride shares instead of getting a car for themselves. According to some research, it has been found that using rideshare services is much cheaper than owning and maintaining a car. A lot of metro dwellers have started using this concept and a lot more are yet to do so. If you are a car owner who is troubled by the rising expenses of maintaining a car, you can definitely try this concept of ride-sharing.

While there is constant news of crimes involving drivers of such services, a lot of safety features are being added every now and then to help riders feel comfortable and safe during the ride. Drivers are being monitored and held accountable for rides through apps such as Uber and Ola in India.


There are many benefits to using these services. One of the best things about these services is that they save you a lot of time. We all know the value of time and there is nothing more valuable than saving time and using it for your best interests.

Another interesting thing about these services is that they let you “pool” with other riders. This cuts down the cost by a huge margin and you can save even more. This is especially helpful for people who commute to and from work on a daily basis.

Getting your own car

While all of this is true, having your own car isn’t that bad. If you are okay with the costs that come along, buying a car has its own advantages. For instance, you can go for a ride in your car anytime you want. It is, in fact, one of the best means of travel for families. When planned well, you can get a good car and use it for years.

Among the many things that you have to take care of when buying a new car is comparing the best car insurance companies in India. When you do so, you can remain assured of being financially safe in case of any damage to your car. You can also get an idea about the expenses that you have to cover in the coming years.

Owning a car or going for a ride-share both has its own share of pros and cons. It is up to you to decide which ones suit your lifestyle and budget.

Realise Your Full Potential

There are times when we are forced to step out of our comfort zone to get what we desperately seek.  Not every day realize life is same and peaceful. We sometimes have to shake our inertia to realize the actual potential that lies within us.  We only realise our actual strength when we make efforts to fathom the potential that we carry within us and it can only be possible by stepping out of our comfort zone.  

We need to keep thriving every single day to improve upon ourselves and changing for the better.  We need to fuel our passion and install determination in ourselves for better and prolonged efficient performance.  Determination,  courage and will power work the same as the battery does for inverters.  Metaphorically, our body is an inverter and determination, courage and will power are the components that form a battery.  So,  we always need to have the best battery for inverter so that it performs efficiently for a longer span of time without breaking down. How exactly are we gonna get the best battery for inverter which indeed is our body and mind? 


The entire body is controlled by our mind. The mind is basically the nucleus of our body which controls the entire system which is responsible for performing all sorts of activities. It controls all our emotions and decides where to invest our energies in. 

We, humans, are crammed full of potential and it’s said that the entire universe lies within us. And how are we supposed to fathom this sea of potential that lies covered in us until we try?  And trying this demands getting out of our comfort zone by forcing ourselves constantly to change our present state in a way that it doesn’t affect us in any way. We can change ourselves every single day by becoming a better version of the person we presently are

Potential is basically defined as someone’s or something’s capacity to develop even during the odds, achieve, or succeed. Many people live their lives without even realizing or exploring who they could have been as they prefer to settle for a prosaic and mediocre life.  The best part of being a human that is governed by the most precious gift called a brain is to rise above the bestowed mediocrity and attain stable Prominence

Its rightly said by the think tank Joyce Meyer,  “potential is a priceless treasure, like gold. All of us have gold hidden within, but we have to dig to get it out.”

To unwrap the actual potential that exists in you, you must first ascertain your own limitations and then you need to have the guts to blow past them by constantly trying as tough as you can. It’s not a matter of one day rather it needs persistence and courage to take up such tasks that are sure to fetch your fruits.  You thrive today, you relish tomorrow. 

The time is now to plant the seed and see it growing into a tree under all weather.  Don’t repent about the time that has already seeped out of your hand. Make the most of what you have now. 

I hope you liked the article. Kindly let us know your honest feedback by commenting below in the comments box. 

Hiding Identities: For Security And Not For Promoting Evil

There are times when we need to conceal our identification from others to avoid problems. Hiding one’s identification may be a criminal offense but protecting oneself from being in hot waters is no offense.  One has this right to conceal one’s identify if required. We are not always supposed to reveal our identity to the strangers we hardly know about. There are many ways we can hide our information from being falling on other laps.  We can create false addresses to abstain from being tracked down. Here is a website which makes it easier for you to cover yourself to secure your identity.  But make sure that it should not be used to harm any other individual who has the same rights as you to live with the same amount of peace and respect.  

Many detectives, spies, and hackers are using such applications and websites to conceal their identity to carry out their job where being hidden is of the utmost importance.  

But there are many people who use it for pestering others either for pleasure or for some ill motives which are obnoxious and socially unacceptable. There are many anti-social elements who use technologies and inventions of our professionals to carry out crimes and anti-social activities which I personally condemn. 

I often question myself

How can a human be so ruthless that it makes it think of nothing before misusing the gifts?  These creations are only to make our lives better and secure but the evil minds are always up on their toes to misuse it to the best of their capabilities.  


Have we ever wondered how evil it is to pester someone without even bothering about their mental state?  How deep can it affect the person’s psyche? We should at least understand the meaning of being human and how important humanity is.  A real human never does things to others that he does not want to be done with itself. It’s so bothersome and sometimes can lead to fatal consequences.  

The reason should never be used against anybody irrespective of their caste, color, region, religion and sex.  Everyone deserves the same respect and dignity. No matter what work we do,  we have the right to protect ourselves from falling prey to such incidents. 

Whenever we use these applications and websites,  we must make sure that it’s not being used to harm other individuals.  Using such a platform for carrying out crimes may lead to hazardous consequences for the one using it because people nowadays have grown more careful and vigilant.  They can easily spot if anything wrong happens. Growing crimes have made people more aware now. 

Use these platforms for better purposes for tackling any anti-social activities happening around.  The sole purpose of creating such websites is to provide one with a sense of safety and security and nothing else. Don’t let the creations and inventions become taboo. 

Hope you liked the article.  Let us know your honest feedback by commenting below in the comment box so that we can improve the next time.  We will try to keep coming up with more such interesting articles in the future.

Life of an Indian Army Soldier

The Indian Army

The Indian Army is one of the best military forces in the world. There are many soldiers in the Indian Army and there are many who want to join. Being a soldier is one of the best ways to live a fulfilling life and become worthy of the nation. While a career in the Indian Army is beneficial in many ways, it is full of struggles and hard comings.

Struggles of a soldier

The struggle begins right from the training period. There are many who quit the army during the training period. But, the ones who remain become the best and gain the respect of the nation. There are a lot of things that a cadet has to go through during the training session. It is not just a test of their strength, it is a test of their patience. This is what makes them unbeatable.


Once done with the training, a cadet either becomes a soldier or an Army Officer. There are actually many ranks in Indian Army. As a soldier gains experience, he gets promoted to higher ranks. While there are soldiers of various ranks in Indian Army, there is one thing that is common in them – they all have an undying love for their country.

Struggling in extreme conditions


Their love for their country can be seen when they spend days in the extreme cold of Siachen or face the extreme heat while protecting the borders in Rajasthan. They have the will and the strength to go through any kind of situation. They are trained to endure any kind of weather and they are ready to serve the nation 24×7. This is what makes them one of the best in the world. 

Undying patriotism

Every soldier loves his country. When it comes to Indian soldiers, this love can be seen in their eyes. They have an undying love for India and its people and they can do anything to protect it from enemies in the form of external or internal forces.


The life of an Indian soldier is inspiring and motivating. We all should learn something from our soldiers and try to be useful to our nation in some way. Only then can we feel proud to be its citizens.

I really hope you found this post useful and informative. Do you have any queries or suggestions related to this post? If you have any, feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below. I will try and answer all your questions and take your feedback into consideration. Also, let me know if you want to find out more about the Indian Army. I will be glad to share more insights with you.

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Kinds of Jewellery

Jewellery can be made up of various materials depending upon the requirements of the people from different cultures and backgrounds. Jewellery is worn by every individual from a child to a grown man or woman. It can be worn by the individuals for some specific reasons as well as for some personal reasons. Women mostly are fond of jewellery and it is symbol of beauty for them.

Regardless of age and culture, women are always attracted towards different types of jewellery. Unique fashion jewellery is always in demand among the women, they always need something more unique and more attractive that matches their attire and personality. To make it more attractive we use diamonds, amber, jade and many more gems in Indian Jewellery. But in the present scene young people are much more interested in the fashion jewellery as it looks more attractive and it is cheaper as well. From traditional jewellery, bridal jewellery to costume jewellery, India has a wide variety of jewellery present in the market. Let’s  talk about some jewellery and their types in India below.


In the Indian market we have different types of jewellery according to the needs of the people, culture or according to the occasion.

  • Bridal Jewellery 

In India, a bride is incomplete without a Bridal Jewellery. Bridal jewellery has a special place in every Indian culture and the bride’s look depends upon the kind of jewellery she is wearing. In the early time most of the bridal jewellery were made of gold only but now according to the changing needs of the people, a few changes have been made depending upon the look of the attire.  

  • Custom Jewellery

Custom jewellery is one of the most trending things in India presently. You can customize the jewellery according to your needs or according to your attire. Customized rings, necklaces, pendants are available in the market with a lot of choices. A Jewellery is basically customized to make it more attractive and according to the needs of the individual.

  • Gemstone jewellery 

Gemstone jewellery is very popular India from a very long time period. Gemstones are believed to be sacred in many cultures and each gemstone has got some kind of energy in it. Jewellery is studded with different kinds of gems like Ruby, Jasper, Quartz, Turquoise and many others. Due to its spiritual and health benefits it is quite popular among the Indian Men and Women both. These are basically worn according to the human’s astrological chart and which planet is ruling his or her destiny.

  • Fashion or Costume Jewellery

Costume Jewellery is another one of the popular kinds of jewellery in India. It is popular because some attractive materials are used in it and they are much cheaper than other metals and gems. Most of the young population are attracted towards it and when it comes to fashion and trend, it changes very fast according to the changing needs of the population.

  • Gold Jewellery

Gold Jewellery has been a part of Indian culture from a very long time and it holds a special place in specifically Hindu culture. It is treated as a symbol of wealth. It is meant to be a great investment by many people in India, due to its fast liquidity at times of crisis or any kind of mishappening. It is mostly worn by women which completes the look of their whole attire.

  • Silver Jewellery

Basically silver used in the Silver Jewellery is sterling silver. Silver Jewellery is also very popular among the people just like the Gold Jewellery. Apart from the cities, Silver Jewellery is very popular among the people in the rural areas and it is not very far behind Gold Jewellery. Many ornaments like necklaces, rings, kadas, bracelets are made out of silver. Silver Jewellery is worn mostly by the tribal people to secure them from financial difficulties at times. But now trends are changing silver jewellery studded with gold and some precious gems are quite popular in urban areas also.

Many other kinds of jewellery are also there, I have mentioned quite a few of them. People wear jewellery all over India and it is worn according to the caste or culture of people in different regions. There are many kinds of Jewellery present in the market which covers almost all the body parts like nose, ears, neck, hands, arms, waist, ankle, toes. For all those body parts we have different kinds and types of jewellery in the market. For each body part we have got a lot to choices to choose from. For example, a girl need something for her neck, she has a variety of products to choose from including pendant, chokers, necklaces and many more things, apart from this, these things come in different types of materials as well like gold, silver, stone and handmade jewellery is also present in the market. So, if you need some something you can get that thing with many more choices and designs or patterns.

Hope you enjoyed the article, For any suggestions or queries you can write it up in the comment box below.

Best Tips On How To Be a Smart Shopper

There are certain truths that might be hard to accept. Money is something that has to be spent. This is a truth and you can’t avoid this. There is always something or someone that needs your money. You simply can’t get away without spending it. However, there are things that can be done to reduce your spending and make some savings for the future. In this post, I’ve explained the best tips that can help you become a smart shopper so that you can save some bucks after all the hard work you do.

  1. Prepare a budget

The first in this list is the most important one – to make a budget that you can stick to. Nobody becomes a smart shopper without having a planned budget. There are things that need to be written down on paper and analyzed. When you have a well-planned budget on a paper, it becomes easier not to overspend. You can keep a check on your spendings and make sure that your purchases are not exceeding the budget limit. Trust me, this is one of the most important things to do when you want to save money.

  1. Shop during the sale season

One of the best ways to buy things at cheaper prices is to buy them during the sale season. Almost all major shopping sites like eBay, Amazon and others have sales on certain dates. You have to be smart by taking note of the dates of upcoming sale on Amazon and other sites. Once you know the dates of upcoming sale on Amazon, you will have the option to buy what you want at a cheaper price. This means that you can maintain your budget well and avoid overspending.

  1. Ask yourself if you really need it

Impulsive buying is one of the biggest reasons for failed budgets. When you go to a store or browse through shopping portals, make sure that you know what you need. Do not get lured by the things you see. Ask yourself if you actually need an item before you decide to buy it. This kind of thinking will help you cut back on unwanted expenses and you can become a smart shopper.

  1. Compare prices

Always make sure to compare the prices of things you buy. Prices can vary from store to store. Sometimes it is best to get things online. There are discounts and deals when you buy things online. You will not find these when you buy them from stores.

  1. Do not buy the latest products immediately

There is a very high chance that you want to buy a new product as soon as it gets launched. This is actually a wrong move. When you do an analysis of the price of a newly launched product, you will find that the product is highly priced during the initial days. When you wait for a few months, you will likely observe that the price of the same product has fallen.

These were some of the best tips for smart shopping. I hope you found these tips helpful.

How I get the best deals online

My name is Mathew Johnson and I have been an internet shopper for a long time now. This article is not about me or about my shopping history (though you may find hints of it here). This is about few simple things that most people miss out when it comes to online shopping. There are so many people on the internet who claim to teach you tactics for online shopping. Don’t feel disappointed if say that there is actually no such tactic that works. It is just a little common sense that helps you become a smart shopper.

If you know what I mean…

As they say, common sense is not common anymore, I have decided to try and explain the simple things that can help you become a better shopper.

Let me start by taking you back to the days when there was no internet. It was very common to see people in streets walking around with bags of groceries or clothes. People actually had to go out and get things for themselves. It is hard to believe this, but shopping was one of the favourite things to do at that time. It is still a favourite way to spend time even now but it was a little different back then.

For people who were shopping on a budget, shopping took a lot more time. There was a whole process behind it. Here is how it went:

  • Go to the store
  • Scan around for deals or offers
  • Find and compare the deals
  • Check the prices of the deal products and do the math
  • Compare the results of multiple deal products
  • See if it suits your budget.
  • Buy it or leave it

That was how things used to work back in the day. While some of you may disagree with me on this but that is how things should work even now. This is the best strategy to buy things whether you are buying it online or from the store.

I have been doing this online for as long as I can remember. One thing that I make sure to do is to check the upcoming sale on Flipkart. That way I know when to take action. This is really important. You need to shop at the right time to get the right price. Only then will you be able to shop within your budget and save some money.

My favourite online shopping destination

While Flipkart is my favourite shopping destination online, there are other sites like Myntra and Amazon which I frequently visit for offers and deals. In short, I keep checking for deals and offers online constantly. This is not just for shopping websites. I do it for my travels too. I am a frequent traveler and I make sure that my travel budget doesn’t go above and beyond my expectation. To do that I keep looking for flight deals at least a week before I travel. Trust me, it does help me in saving some bucks.

This is how I get the best deals online. If you too are a regular shopper on Flipkart, make sure to check the upcoming sale on Flipkart.

How to learn Hyderabadi

This is a fun post which tells you the most bizarre ways to learn the Indian language Hyderabadi. It is one of the languages spoken by the Muslim community in the southern part of the country. The dialect is interesting to listen and I personally love the way they talk. I have tried to learn the language and there are some very interesting yet bizarre ways to learn this language which I am going to share with you. Read this and see if you can relate to any of these methods that I am talking about.

  1. Watch Hyderabadi shows

One of the most interesting things that you can do to learn Hyderabdi is to watch Hyderabadi shows. Just watch them on TV or go to a theatre nearby. You will enjoy and have a really good time while learning the language.

  1. Talk to the locals

Talking to a local in Hyderabad will make you familiar with the culture of the place and you will start knowing more about the people and the language there. Trust me, this is one of the best ways to learn any language.

  1. Travel

Move around the city and go to places where Hyderabadi is spoken. The more you travel to such places, the quicker you get to learn the language. Give it a try. Check Hyderabad metro timings for information on the timings of metro rail in Hyderabad.

  1. Make friends with a Hyderabadi

When you are friends with a Hyderabadi, you give yourself the opportunity to know Hyderabadi people more closely. I am telling you from experience – being friends with a Hyderabadi is super entertaining.

  1. Make a Hyderabadi girlfriend

Hyderabadi girls are gorgeous. I had a girlfriend from Hyderabad who taught me the language. This was the quickest way for me to learn the language. You can try it too and see if it works for you.

  1. Think in Hyderabadi

When you think in the language you want to learn, you learn it faster. It has been scientifically proven that when you think in a language, you tend to remember it and make it your own. This is the reason why you need to think in Hyderabadi.

  1. Take notes

Taking notes while learning a language makes it faster and convenient. You can learn a language better this way. Make sure to have a note pad with you when you are talking to a Hyderabadi.

  1. Feel like a Hyderabadi

You may do a lot of things to learn Hyderabadi, but if you do not feel like a Hyderabadi, you may not learn it fast. When you feel like a Hyderabadi, you learn the language fast and can easily remember it.

  1. Explore Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a beautiful city. There are so many places to visit here. Make sure to check the Hyderabad metro timings before you decide to take a metro ride in Hyderabad.

I hope you found this post useful and informative. In case you have any queries or suggestions related to this post, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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