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Read And Understand About Bitcoin Mining Process

Bitcoin mining is the method of checking and tracking bitcoin transactions in the global blockchain ledger. In the database, trades are confirmed by the consumers of Bitcoin, so practically exchanges must be confirmed by the participants in the network. People that have the equipment and technological power individuals need are termed, miners.

There are many software and hardware in the current world that can be beneficial in bitcoin mining. MyBTCgenerator.com is one such website that is offering bitcoin mining service and most importantly it is 100 percent genuine and working.

To grasp the mining process, you first need to recognize the three main blockchain principles.

Public Ledger Distributed: A Distributed Ledger is a database of all dealings held around the world through the bitcoin blockchain. The authentication of trades in the system is performed by the consumers of Bitcoin. 

SHA-256: Blockchain avoids illegal entry by using the SHA-256 encryption algorithm to guarantee that sections are kept protected. They’re registered online. The hash value, when created, cannot be modified. SHA-256 receives an input sequence of any type and produces a set 256-bit result, and this is a one-way measure. You cannot completely infer the opposite of the input from the outcome. 

Evidence of Function: In cryptocurrency mining, miners verify transactions by addressing a complicated mathematical problem called proof – of – work. To do the same, the main goal of the miner is to calculate the nonce quality, and that nonce valuation is the numerical question that miners are needed to solve in order to produce a hash which is less than the goals date by the system for a specific block.

Bitcoin Mining Hardware

In the initial periods of bitcoin, miners then solved mathematical problems utilizing standard processors—control processing units (CPUs). It used to take more time to mine Bitcoins as well as other cryptos, although the complexity scales were simpler than what they are nowadays. As described above the degree of complexity continues to shift and raise, such that the miners have had to boost their production capacity. 

They identified that graphical processing units (GPUs) appeared to be more effective than standard CPUs, but this still had the downside of using more energy. The mining firm would determine the return on investment on the basis of equipment and the expense of energy and other services required to carry out the mining activity. 

Miners currently utilize equipment named ASIC, originally developed for the mining of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It uses less electricity and greater processing power. Miners are successful when the expense of one portion of mined assets would be less than the price of the incentive.

How Bitcoin Miners Are Compensated  

The system acknowledges the performance of the miners in the form of bonuses for creating new chains. There are two main forms of incentives: the new Bitcoin generated with each block, and also the costs incurred by users for trading on the channel. The bulk of mining income is the block incentive of the freshly minted Bitcoin, which amounts to 6.25 BTC as of May 2020. This cost is designed to be halved at set intervals of nearly 4 years because then, finally, no more bitcoin is produced and only trading fees ensure network stability. 

By 2040, the block reward will be limited to far less around 0.2 BTC and just 80,000 of Bitcoin’s 21 million will be available for grabs. Just after 2140, mining will essentially stop as the last BTC is gradually being mined.

Top Five Substitutes For Smashing Four Game

Smashing four in an online one vs one game where you battle with your enemy in the same arena and try to defeat them within the shortest span of time and with the least number of moves. You have to choose a four plate deck in order to start the game and make sure you choose the best team. Smashing four deck builder strategy can be based on your knowledge about the payers and the arenas.

Although this game made a huge user base in a very short time period, there are certain options for the people who want to explore similar kinds of gameplay of similar strategy-based games. We have a list of games here that can be a good fit for the people looking for a substitute for this game.

Clash Of Clans

Clash Of Clans is a strategy based game and it is one of the most popular games ever by the creator Supercell. In the clash of clan game the players use all existing means, create the entire town, protect it against the terrifying opponents, predators, and thousands of random users. You may make bold partnerships with your buddies to achieve power through armed force, strike your rivals, and capture their lands, wealth, and seize the wealth. It can be found both on android and ios platforms for free.

War Heros

This game can be a perfect replacement for the smashing four games as it has some same features just like smashing four. War heroes is a pure strategy, multiplayer game where players from all around the globe come online and compete with each other, and that too for free. Here in this game, you have to collect cards and upgrade them with weapons and troops. Some more cards like destructive aircraft and flame throwers are also there that can be utilized in combat.

Mighty Battles

Mighty Battle is developed by Hothead Games for mobile devices and it is a multiplayer, strategy-based game. In this game, the commander will build his clan and command the army to attack the opponent to destroy the opponent’s base to win the game points. The game has very clean and outstanding gameplay and it can engage you for hours without taking a break. You can compete with anyone around the one in a one on one manner and upgrade your squad after winning over them.

Jungle Heat

Jungle heat is another addition to the large user base of multiplayer in real-time strategy-based games from the developers My.com BV. The game is set up in the jungle area and you have to build your kingdom or clan and grow it by finding the required nourishment from the nearby area. The game has three major currencies that can be used in purchases which are gold, oil, and gems. Strengthen your base by developing labs, resources, and training your troops to attack and conquer your opponents.

Chaos Battle League

Chaos battle league is developed by Game Studio, Inc. and it is a very fast-paced, multiplayer strategy based online game. You can have a conversation while in the game with other players and exchange your cards to uplift your game characters. You can play this game for free but if you want some extra goodies, you can get it from the in-game store by paying a price.

Best car brands in the UAE

UAE is known for oil production to the world. On the other side, the UAE is also a fast-growing automobile industry despite breaking all sales records. The growth of the automotive industry says that the UAE has gained power and potential in this market.

There are many brands of car successfully increasing their business every year and some are just there on a low scale. The reason for a successful business in the UAE is due to the customer’s demands and the other not getting it. The replacement of older technology to the new technology is one of the most rated points you can say.

The increasing safety in the cars and the addition of modern technology to it attracts the customer to buy. Nowadays the car companies are trying to give a better look to their brand with comfort and a powerful engine. They are also working in the interior design as well as exterior design to give a stylish look. The interior design is set with a brilliant touch screen interface, heated seats, fancy digital gauge, interior embellishments, power liftgates and remote start along with the safety gauge like an airbag, anti-lock brake, seat belts, electronic stability control, shatter-resistant glass and pre-collision technology. 


Coming to the exterior design, it becomes very challenging for the designer to give essential shapes, curves, the shoulder to meet the safety regulation. Designers also select the material that must be used in different parts of the vehicle like fabric, plastic, metal as well as the paint pattern, bumpers, wood trims, etc.

Here are some of the car brands that meet all the above-discussed facilities-

1.Toyota: Toyota is one of the world’s largest car manufacturer giants and undoubtedly one of the best car brands rated in the United Arab Emirates. Toyota is a Japan-based multinational automotive manufacturer that has successfully tried to win its customer’s hearts by producing reliable, eco-friendly and economical cars with advanced safety features. They used a pre-collision system with pedestrian detection, dynamic radar cruise control, lane departure alert, automatic high beams, lane tracing assist and road sign assist features in it. Among the brands, Toyota Corolla and Toyota Land Cruiser are the most favourite cars in UAE for their efficiency, 4-cylinder engine, rear parking sensor, leather steering wheel, split-folding seats, keyless entry with starter button and several other features.

2.Mercedes-Benz: Mercedes-Benz a German-based automobile manufacturer is known for luxury cars, buses, coaches and trucks. Mercedes E-class, S-class and C-class are the most selling vehicles in the UAE. The manufacturer does not lack behind to innovate and redefine into its every model. It is an advanced technology, durable and reliable brand in the UAE.

3.BMW: BMW is best known for manufacturing the best sports car and high-class luxury car. It is a US-based automotive manufacturer that meets the speed standard with modern technology. Some of the models like BMW M3, X, X5 series are listed in the most selling for its high speed and dynamic quality and handling.

Those were some of the best car brands in the UAE that run on the road and won the heart of the car lover customers of UAE. There is one thing that you have to be really careful about when choosing a car brand in the UAE. Car companies may offer you insurance companies to get your car insurance done. You have to make sure to do your own research and compare the cheapest car insurance in the UAE. This way you can save yourself a lot of extra costs when buying a new car. There are many resources on the internet which give you information on the cheapest car insurance companies in the UAE. Make sure to check them out.


090578E9-9DDB-45AF-B353-0892B371AAB2_1_201_aA standard growth medium, Chlorella Growth Factor increases growth of friendly bacteria that improves our immune system and strengthens our body’s ability to recover from exercise and diseases. It is a unique complex found in cell nucleus of chlorella which promotes faster growth without undesirable side effects and appears to improve RNA/DNA functions responsible for the production of proteins, enzymes and energy at the cellular level, stimulating tissue repair and protecting cells from certain toxic substances. It is a remarkable nutritional supplement, known to stimulate immune defences and accelerate healing. 

CGF helps lower blood pressure, improve liver function, improve blood counts, regulate blood sugar level, renew cells, quicken healing of stomach ulcer and skin disorders, heal anaemia, remove constipation and headache, resist cold, restore body energy, and create appetite. CGF extract is easily assimilated, passing through the stomach and immediately into the intestines to be absorbed into the body and cell system for quick recovery.

Wonder what is chlorella growth factor exactly and how is it beneficial to us. Here are some good reasons why .

In a research study it has been reported that CGF is a powerful enhancer of immunity, growth and development to the young, and as a retardant of ageing. It prevents viruses from growing, increases the body’s resistance against infection of diseases and also controls the cancer cells in our body.

 Benefits –

  • It strengthens the immune system and promotes rapid tissue healing.
  • It stimulates the production of interferon and protects T and B lymphocytes which are the body’s front line against infections and increases resistance to disease.
  • Thanks to the high concentrations of chlorophyll , it has purifying, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It is a powerful antioxidant that helps fight harmful free radicals in the body, and helps in detoxification.
  • It has Glutathione that helps to eliminate toxins from the liver. Also, it has the ability to bind to heavy metals, solvents and pesticides and convert them into a form that can be excreted in urine or bile. 
  • It stimulates the growth of good bacteria and supports the digestive system and regulates the intestinal flora.
  • Beneficial in the prevention of allergic diseases and prevents casein allergy, a major cause of milk allergy.
  • It repairs tissue through their growth and life activating properties.
  • CGF nucleic acids stimulate tissue regeneration and repair of damaged tissue without causing uncontrolled cell proliferation in the form of malignant tumours.
  • Helps fight high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. 

One important characteristic function of Chlorella Growth Factor is Immunity.

CGF stimulates T cells against viruses and cancer, B cells against bacteria, and macrophages against cancer, foreign protein and chemicals. It stimulates interferon production, macrophages, secretion of tumour necrosis factor (TNF) and fibroblast activity. It enhances the activity of Natural Killer (NK) cells, slows down the ageing process.

Used regularly, CGF would help repair damaged genetic material in human cells, thereby protecting health and improves the ageing process.

CGF is a wonderful addition to diet, for every stage of life!

From teenage to old age, CGF is ready to support your overall wellness. As always, you should consult with a physician before taking any new supplement, especially pregnant or nursing mothers, children, and those with high allergy sensitivities.  

CGF has special benefits in energising the young, the health conscious, senior citizens to prevent ageing and chronic conditions, and those undergoing chemotherapy and stress. It is recommended to take CGF half an hour before meal or 2 hours after meal for maximum and speedy assimilation. For normal maintenance, take one cup of 20 cc in the morning. For serious needs, take between 3 to 6 cups a day, divided into 2 or 3 times a day. For children below 12 years, take normal half a cup daily or at most one cup subject to the body’s condition.







What Does Your Birth Date Say About Your Life

According to numerology, every person’s birth date says something about them and their life. Your birthdate plays an important role in determining the occurrences for future events in your life and it has a significant effect on your present life as well. Many people still do not consider it a valid thing but most people around the world believe that their birth date has some effect on their life.
Apart from numerology, your birth date can be used in various fields like verifying your age and it can be used as a proof of date of birth in several documents. Do certain exams also ask questions on birth dates like what year was I born on if I am 21 years old in the year 2015? So, the birth dates of people are used in different scenarios and at different levels.

Numerology And Birth Date

Our date of birth has a unique sensation and strength; there is no possibility that we were born on a certain day, month, or year. Prehistoric astrologists claimed that our date of birth is associated with the divine powers that support us in our incarnation and along our life journey. 

By using a mathematical scheme, we will obtain our “prophecy figures” or “unique lucky figures” from our date of birth. These figures reveal a lot about our place in society and the challenges that await us in our lives. 

The most significant of these is the Life Path number-the cumulative value of the actual date of birth.

Life Path Number

The aggregate total of the day, month, and year of one’s birth is referred to by various numerologists as Path of Life, Life Lesson, Birth Route, Birth Force, or, often, Prophecy Number. 

It reveals, as its titles indicate, our purpose in life, our role in life, as well as what the world wants for us. By the stimulation of Life Course, we generally choose our profession, or else this stimulation is reflected in our other desires. 

Significance Of Day, Month And Birth Year For An Individual

Significance Of Birth Day

Day of Birth number is comparable to the Moon in astrology. It is part of the natural environment that we create at the early stages of our existence. It identifies the main skillsets and character traits that we have been trying to cultivate since childhood. It shows our talents, abilities, and tools that we all have managed to bring into this life, and is a crucial factor in the selection of our career path.

Significance Of Month

The month of birth is useful to analyze one ‘s personality. The month of birth has a massive impact on our persona and indicates how our youthful, more early experiences will affect our adult years. 

When we are youthful, our fate has still not been consolidated, but events that take place can help influence our path in life, which is activated mainly from the age ranges of 28 to 56.

Significance Of Year

The year that we’ve been conceived demonstrates the whole concept that we have defined to reside in this creation. 

By mentioning the year of one’s birth, we could even evaluate what kind of observation we’re going to have that we can use to discover our specialty in our lives. The year of birth further gives us the impression as to the responsibilities that we will have that will enable us to grow up and evolve.

History, Facts And Characteristics About Schipperke

Brief History

The Schipperke is commonly referred to as “little ship dog” or “little captain,” however the more correct meaning could be ”little sheepdog” as herding was the actual role of this little dog. 

In the seventeenth century, in Louvain, Belgium, a dark shepherd recognized as the Leauvenaar was indeed a common sight defending sheep herds or carts throughout the area. Both the big Belgian Shepherd as well as a much tinier Schipperke have been developed from such a mid-sized “scheper” or sheepdog. 

Although in a diminutive fashion, Schipperke maintained most of the traditional herd’s guardian’s perseverance and impulse to defend herds and animals. They even had a strong urge to capture pests. These key features allowed the little Schipperke the ideal pick for sailors who wanted a pet to rid the boat of mice, to secure the freight, and not to take up too much space.

Although Schipperke’s function was not really restricted to operating out around seas. Most Belgian shop owners of the period used such tiny dogs to guard their goods, to safeguard their products during shipment, and to keep their stores free from rats. 

Queen Marie Henriette built a fondness towards the small black fox dogs in 1885. This support rapidly boosted the growth of the species across Europe particularly with the rich. The Schipperke became formally identified as a registered species at about a similar period as their species specification was recorded in 1889. Their influence gradually extended to the United States, and the Schipperke Community of America was established in 1929. 

Today’s modern Schipperke is not used for sheep-keeping or rat-cleaning on boats or ships. Now, these puppies have made their way through our households as loyal friends who put a lot of excitement into a really tiny compartment.

Unknown Facts

Just black schipperkes are accepted by the AKC to be eligible for the breed standard. On another side, the UKC recognizes every solid fur shade apart from white. For instance, see the photos of Blue colored schipperke here.

Although certain schipperkes are actually tailless, it is believed that perhaps the basic species has always been docked, with regularly docked tails rising into the community quiet lately. 

If you always catch yourselves at seas, there’s really no good dog breed to get by your team. Such breeds are adapted to tight quarters having spent most of their existence on ships. 

In the Second World War, schipperkes were used by the Belgian Resistance to convey signals amongst fighters. 

In nations where bobtail is prohibited, you can see Schips with all sorts of tails, ranging from small and straight to rounded tails, mostly seen in spitz varieties. 

Although the schipperke may look like a spitz-type breed and has been alluded to as “Spitzke” for quite a while, they were simply originated by shepherds, and not by spitz.


The Schipperke was initially developed for a few things – killing rats and parasites and becoming a friend. Although the Schipperke is very sneaky and adventurous, he defends his family and takes little time for outsiders to enter his turf. 

Schipperke’s stamina is very remarkable. They have quite a lot of strength and power, and they always outperform their human friends. They display an amazing level of stamina for climbing, and a 10-mile climb can be achieved without getting fatigued. Understand their freedom to discover. Often use a rope for outdoor runs and exercises so that the Schipperke doesn’t roam as they want to do.

Using Animaker In The Year 2020, What This Has To Offer?

Animaker is a program that is based in the cloud and this makes it readily accessible. The apparatuses on board can make the way toward tilting presentations extremely easy. Animaker additionally has one of the world’s biggest animation libraries with more than 1 million subscribers in 180 countries.

As video animation software, Animaker can help with the way toward saving your outstanding task at hand in the cloud and making sure that nothing is lost. Investigate this Animaker Review and see what it has to offer. 

What Does It Offer? 

6 Video Styles In A Single Device 

Animaker makes it simple to make videos in a handmade style, infographic style, whiteboard videos, 2d videos, 2.5d videos, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Pretty much every component of the style of videos can be found in a different library and you can work together on any of the groups with colleagues in the cloud. 

A Wide Variety of Character Sets 

The character sets on board are continually refreshed with new characters. There are characters that are designed for business, fun, kids, sports, teenagers, educators, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 

Video Infographics Mechanism 

The infographics subject is a teaching apparatus that understudies can use for their tasks, for marketing purposes, for journalists to recount stories, and then some. Animaker remained very detailed with the video infographics apparatus that it has made and there are more than 3000 guides, graphs, and properties available through the program. 

Built-in Animation Mechanism 

The animation instruments that are built-in offer a fluid and DIY way that you can animate pretty much every character. You can record facial expressions, make smooth transitions, and move multiple components within the scene to animate them. 

Outstanding Effects 

Outstanding impacts for animations are included as well for props as well as the screen impacts. The transition apparatuses and the issue impacts available in Animaker can prompt each scene involving in a superior transition. Customizing the shadings and special impacts in Animaker prompts various interesting solutions that can keep individuals drew in during presentations. 

Is It Free? 

There are four kinds of subscription plans including the free arrangement with Animaker. To begin with a free program you can make as numerous to numerous videos as you need and export up to five consistently. As you export these videos will just be available in SD quality on Youtube. You can likewise make kid’s shows if you’d like your camera impacts, bend instruments, and much more. There are nine different characters to browse and it’s difficult to beat some other sort of unpaid software available. 

The free version likewise gives you admittance to a variety of audio effects, music, icons, guides, and then some. It’d be an extraordinary method to decide if you needed to utilize the full paid version and what might be the savviest approach to build videos for your business. With the individual record, you can get a ton for nine dollars a month including unbranded videos, additional audio effects, and customization options. The startup edition in $19 a month delivers 40 exports per month with the potential for HD and the opportunity to transfer and possess your own assets. 

The business edition is billed yearly for $39 every month and it gives you full rights to the program for unlimited videos, unbranded videos, and having full venture versions and asset rights on the content.

Top Five Rarest Stones Found On Earth

People have consistently been pulled in to jewels and crystals, While gemstones are considered exceptional for their crystal formations, shakes and stones are similarly unique for a wide range of reasons. They are likewise utilized in jewelry, as well as trimmings and other embellishing things. Here are the absolute most uncommon stones you will actually observe. 


Otherwise called fossilized lightning, Fulgurites happen when lightning strikes certain spots, for example, sand, soil, rock and other natural substances, creating a cylinder or clusters of intertwined matter. Famous among authorities, these peculiarities typically burrow and now and then branch out, depending on what the lightning has struck. 

Fulgurites can happen profoundly outside of whatever the lightning hits and are in some cases utilized by researchers to figure the historical backdrop of lightning strikes in a specific district. Comprising different glasses and silicates, these uncommon occurrences have made a full range of colorful examples, however, most are straightforward, white or black. 

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is an intensely blue stone that has been mined in spots, for example, Afghanistan for different utilizations, including jewelry, ornamentation, and as a color called ultramarine. This silicate mineral ordinarily has inclusions of calcite, sodalite, pyrite, and different materials. 

Found in different districts like Russia, Chile, Italy, Mongolia, and the USE Lapis Lazuli is typically found in caverns and is likewise cleaned for inclusion in articles, for example, little sculptures, boxes, vases, and different valuable things. 

Red Coral 

Red coral is additionally called valuable coral and is an intensely colored “skeleton” found on rough ocean beds with low sedimentation in dull holes and caves. Sturdy and profoundly colored from pink-orange to intense red, this mineral is mainly utilized for jewelry. Growing up to a meter in tallness, they resemble leafless brambles and the original species is found generally in the Mediterranean Sea. 

Consisting of hard calcium carbonate, Coral can be cleaned until it has a glassy shine and was utilized for embellishment by the Ancient Egyptians and has been discovered in ancient European cemeteries. 


Cinnabar is an interesting and abnormal mineral that was favored by the Ancient Romans for its mercury substance and its utilization as a color called vermilion. In China and South America, it was additionally utilized for embellishment and trimmings, because of the different conceals of red – from block to cinnamon and splendid red. Made out of mercury sulfide, it happens in volcanic veins and alkaline natural aquifers. 

Very delicate, with a hardness of up to 2.5 on the Mohs scale, Cinnabar is incredibly thick and hefty, making it a well-known example for gatherers, with the most extraordinary models found in China and Spain. When utilized as a rebel and in makeup, this mineral is exceptionally poisonous and can cause mercury poisoning. 

Fire Obsidian 

Obsidian itself is a fascinating material, which is volcanic glass framed from magma or lava streams that are wealthy in silica and out of nowhere chilled by water or different components, preventing crystallization. Obsidian arrives in an assortment of colors like snowflake obsidian, green or blue obsidian yet Fire Obsidian is an uncommon structure with a luminous quality and is found in the Northwest of the U.S.A. 

Displaying splendid colors and examples, this stone can be worked into beautiful jewels akin to Opals. Containing thin layers of microcrystals from magnetite, the colors and examples change depending on the point it’s viewed from.

Hawaiian poi saves the day

Little Chandler Geller is sitting all alone in his room, upset with his parents.Meanwhile, Mr. and Mrs. Geller -the parents of the new generation, work hard to make the future of their child safe and secure, while leaving Chandler all alone with the grumpy nanny. Chandler wished for his parent’s company, he wanted to play with them, he wanted to do his homework with them, he even wanted them to scold him, but professing his feelings was in vain. All he heard was “Not today, son” , ” We will play on the weekend , honey” , “Ask the nanny to help you” , “Mommy is busy, son” , ” Daddy needs to take this call” and what not. Chandler used to be so jealous of his friends whose parents used to drop and pick them up, who used to attend recitals, who had siblings to play with.


Chandler got an idea, he thought that asking his parents for their time is useless, so why not ask them to give him a sibling, in that way at least he would have someone to play with and he wouldn’t be all alone. Chandler loved this idea in his head and got very excited to tell his parents about it. He went to their room in the middle of the night, knocked the door and announced that he wanted to talk to them about something serious. The parents got really worried that what was so important that Chandler woke them up in the middle of the night. When Chandler broke this idea to his parents, they were speechless and were just looking towards each other in disbelief. They could not believe that their child was asking them for a sibling as they thought that their boy was perfectly happy as it is. Mr. and Mrs. Geller asked Chandler for some time to discuss about this, to which, Chandler agreed. Both of them knew that having another child was out of the question because the expenses were way too much to handle a single child already, and having a child would only aggravate the situation. The parents then came up with a better idea which Chandler would surely love, they decided to give Chandler his eighth birthday present a little sooner.

The next morning he saw his mum getting the breakfast ready but daddy was nowhere to be seen, he got upset that daddy had left for work without even talking to him about what they had talked about last night. He was sadly sitting on the dinner table waiting for mom to bring breakfast so that he could leave for school, but what he saw next made him overwhelmed with joy and happiness. Dad had a dog in his hand! That too a Hawaiian poi, the breed his best friend Joey had ! Chandler loved Joey’s dog ,but he never thought that he will get a dog of his own one day. Chandler had tears of joy in his eyes and he hugged the dog for several minutes. He showered the dog with many kisses and hugs and names him Pogo. Pogo was the perfect furry mate for Chandler, he was playful , cute and adorable. Also, Chandler started getting more time from his parents. Chandler was again a happy and jolly kid.



How I saved 1000$ during the lockdown 

Money saved is equal to money earned. I have heard this advice a lot of times. There was a time when I used to believe that earning more money makes you rich. There was a time when everybody used to think like that. As kids, we were taught to become well educated and get a decent job to get a good livelihood. While there was nothing majorly incorrect with that approach, nobody told us about the basic fundamentals of money that can make us wealthy and prosperous.


I had always thought about making more money when I grew up. I was doing a job as a software developer and I was earning decent money from it. I loved my work and everything seemed fine. However, there was one thing that kept bothering me. By the end of every month, I used to have this overwhelming feeling of guilt for spending my hard-earned money carelessly. I used to feel really bad about how I mishandled the money.

One fine day I took the time to go through my spending for the last two years. I was shocked to find that I had spent more than 30000 bucks on entertainment and other unimportant things. No wonder I still can’t pay my mortgage bills on time. My poor spending habits were having a terrible impact on my finances. 

I decided to change after that. I took my finances seriously and started taking note of my day-to-day spendings. It was the first month of the Covid 19 lockdown. One of the biggest impacts of this lockdown was the breakdown of the financial strength of companies. The economy of the world was beginning to go downhill. There were serious predictions on how this situation can change the whole world financially. 

I looked closely at the declining value of the company shares I had bought. I knew that there was nothing that I could do about it. I also realized that there were certain things that I could do that could keep me financially safe in these crazy times.

I had started working from home as directed by my manager. There was a considerable cut down in the salary that I was offered. I couldn’t do much about it. However, I could take note of my expenses and cut them down. I could save every penny that would otherwise go into unwanted goods and services. I took care to keep my savings safe. 

In about three months, there were hardly any major expenses on goods. Other than the grocery expenses, there was just one expense that happened. I bought a storage heater and that was it. The storage heater is one of the most efficient of all other products in that category. Buying it was worth it.

Another three months later, I got to learn that there was a considerable amount of fund that was coming from the Government as emergency relief. I had already saved $800 by then. The $300 relief package made it possible to cut down further expense and thereby save more money.