How can you rank up using PBNs?

Before getting to the main information you need to know what the PBNs exactly are. PBN is the Private Blogging Network of high authority websites whose main purpose is to make money for your money-making website. These websites are used to create more authority for your main website by ranking it on the Google rankings.  Generally, these PBNs are expired domains that were registered because they have a great score of backlinks previously and their domain authority is quite high. These websites can benefit your original website in creating some quality backlinks and ranking your main website on top of Google rankings.


How is this possible?

Well, this is all possible because these websites are already ranking somewhere in Google’s indexing and they have a long list of referring domains and quality backlinks. Some of this PBN’s backlinks must be refereed by some high authority websites which increase the domain authority of your PBN. You can use your PBN to mention your website and you can write an article creating backlinks of your original website. With a high domain authority of your PBN, you will rank really fast in the Google ranking for your original website.  You can buy PBN from many websites and usually these all are expired domains.

From where you can buy PBNs?

You can BUY PBNs from many sites but if you need a trusted website you can buy it from expireddomains.net. Here you will get the information all the high authority websites that are expired or which are going to expire soon.  You can easily see the back data of your selected PBN and once you have selected your PBN for purchase you can check its domain authority online. Many tools are available online for this purpose. Once you register your PBN online you can write articles and create backlinks for your website now. When you are searching for your PBN on the website always choose website which has a trust flow above 15 at least and a domain authority above 15. This will help you in ranking faster in the Google ranking. You can use the given filters for this purpose and select your domain.


It is a very good way to earn from both using your expired domain by selling PBN links over it and from your main website. You will increase your web traffic by using the PBN domain and after that, you will see that your original website will start ranking up in the Google indexing. If you are a newbie in this industry, you can use this technique to build more trust and more domain authority for your fresh and new website and after that you can start making a passive income from your website. This is very easy and safe but you need to choose domains which has a high trust flow and low spam score to rank up quickly.  Investing your money in PBN links is a good technique to boost your income and traffic.

SEO Resellers In India

An SEO reseller is mainly an organization specializing in SEO and white labeling its products to other organizations (usually design, growth and advertising agencies). Think of it as a group of extremely advanced SEO professionals with procedures to deliver stronger search outcomes across various verticals. SEO resellers assist you to give SEO facilities to customers without employing any SEO specialists in-house. The reseller is responsible for all optimization of the search engine and you are pocketing the earnings.

There are many Cheap SEO Resellers in India which offers SEO services to the people on a very reasonable cost. People who just made it into this industry can contact them for their services and there is no harm paying these agencies money. They guarantee you the results in a very short duration of time with proper research and proper techniques.


This industry has just spiked over a few years in India and it is gaining immense popularity in the Indian online market. Digital marketing is becoming more popular with time in many big Indian cities. More job opportunities has been created by this patfor for the youth and mostly the young generation is more interested in this thing. Now they have realised that they can fetch good amount from this platform which they used earlier merely for the purpose of entertainment.

With the competition in SEO industry becoming high with time many SEO resellers are coming online to provide SEO services to everyone through some attractive packages. People from India may sometimes find it difficult to pay in some other currency for their service but here they can pay in their currency to the resellers. Amount charged by these resellers can be a little low as compared to some foreign service providers. Mostly al the service providers use USD as the payment currency but there are some resellers in India which accepts the Indian rupees as well.

Indian market is expanding and the people are more interested in going online and investing in the digital platforms as they are more convenient to use and they offer great outcomes. With giants like Amazon coming with their products they offer ervy person to be an amazon partner and start selling their products online but for that you need to know the basic of SEO but if you are not aware of these things and still want to work in this industry, you can still make money by hiring some SEO resellers who will do the SEO work for you and after that you can start earning money from your startup. By hiring experts for your work you can assure yourself that you will get the quality work from their side which will help you in the long run.

If you do not know who are the best resellers you can google about their information you will get what you want and with that you can decide which reseller you want to work with. This is a very easy process you just have to explain your project and leave the rest to their best ability.

Expansion Of Digital Marketplace

The business of Domains and Websites is getting bigger day by day and everybody is slowly getting into this business to earn as passive income for themselves. Ready Made Websites for Sale are available on many platforms which are earning a passive income from adsense and even earning from many other sources. For a starter person who doesn’t know anything about the domain industry but trying to enter the domain marketplace for the first time there are many starter websites available on many websites selling platforms at quite reasonable prices. Even though I was a newbie in this industry some months back and I started off by buying a website which was a starter but earning some income as well. I compared the prices of many websites from many website selling platforms like-




FE International



All these platforms are selling websites and they all share a very common and very easy to understand interface which is very easy to understand even for a newbie. I Compared all these websites and I found all of them very good but I liked the website names Blow.biz more as it was really easy to understand and the information provided there about every website was very concise, compact yet easy to understand. I easily understood what the website is all about and how I am going to make more potential from that website.  

Price range of website was very good and all the website proofs were there to understand it better. I was really impressed by its interface how it showed me al the information. The websites information was detailed but it hardly took me less than a minute to read it completely as it was very well formatted and displayed by this website. Price range was almost the same in every platform but the way it was displayed by the website was quite nice. It was really easy for me to check out without any difficulty.


Some unique things that this website offered is that you have categories of website like if you want to buy an established website you can choose from that section if you want a starter site click on that section and if you want to buy and PBN you have that section too. You can easily use the filters available on the website to change your price range according to your budget. Many other filters are also available like you can choose according to the revenue it is generating, you can choose according to age starting from 1 month, you can choose the type of extension you want. These filters on the sidebar made it more easy for me to get the desired results that I wanted.


I have tried all other platforms as well and I had a very good experience with all of them. All other platforms also offer the same services but Blow.biz offers it in a very simple and compact way making it more simple to understand ever for a new user. So you should also go and try it for once if you are looking to invest in the domain industry.