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New Year, New Me

First January every year is the day on which people make resolutions which are usually broken within a week. Clearly, resolutions are meant to be broken, no matter what they are. The most famous resolutions that people tend to make and eventually break are:

  1. I will start gymming: This is the most common resolution, people start exercising with full enthusiasm and then within a week this enthusiasm turns into laziness, procrastination and sleepiness, thus, throwing down the membership fees through the drain.
  2. I will read more: Oh, this resolution! A common one, people think that they will read more while they themselves know that reading books does not interest them much. The poor books bites dust in the corner of a room and eventually, given away, without even a glance from a reader.
  3. I will reduce the use of technology: This is funniest resolution of all! As the clock strikes twelve, people take this resolution of stepping away from their phones for a longer time, but unfortunately the resolution lasts not even for a day because who will forward those Happy New Year texts to people we hardly talk to.
  4. I will spend more time with my family: This resolution is rather unfortunate, but yes, it is quite common too! I mean you need to take a resolution to spend time with the people who love you the most is a pretty much alien concept to me. I wish to say that family time is something natural, a part of our routines, how can we get so busy in our schedules that we stop spending time with the people that we are actually working for.
  5. I will find time for myself: This resolution is rather sad, no matter what, the love you have for yourself should be a life long romance and not making time for yourself is just a breach of that romance. For me, it pretty much organic to take time out for myself. Be it just watching television, or grocery shopping or just visiting the beautician.
  6. I will pursue my hobby: Just making time for yourself isn’t enough, so pursuing your hobby isn’t even in the picture. This resolution is broken all the time because people are so busy in their fast paced lives that following hobbies become a little tough.
  7. I will eat better: This resolution is broken every time, which actually should be followed. There are so many health food stores in Las Vegas that have a great collection of healthy and tasty food.
  8. I will stop consuming fatty food: This resolution is the one who everyone takes and almost everyone breaks too, I mean I know it is difficult to sacrifice the party happening on your taste buds by the junk food you eat, but you gotta think about your health in the long run.

January is the month of abandoned gym membership fees, dusty books, forwarding new year’s texts, eating junk in the name of celebration and leftover organic veggies and fruits. So, next new year’s eve be strong and make sure that you truly try to fulfill your resolutions, start with a simple one so that you are able to comply.

Crowdfunding at it’s best!

Being a news reporter has a lot of perks and benefits of it’s own, some of them include easy access to information, easy reach to places where it is a little difficult to go, people know who you are and treat you well and mostly, there are a lot of valuable contacts you make while on the job. I am a reporter’s wife and although the life of a reporter is not easy, it is full of dangers and the timings are really odd, still my husband has enjoyed certain privileges that common public are not entitled to. For starters, my husband has a very easy access to events and programs held around the city just because of his press pass, for example, last month my husband got free passes for a Justin Bieber concert and that too, in the VIP lounge. Moving further, my husband gets to move around the world in search of interesting cultures and for chasing important news, he always travels business class and the places he thinks I would like, he takes me along. One of the best part of being a reporter is that he has interviewed very important people like Oprah Winfrey, Narendra Modi and who’s who of the sports world. I am really proud of my husband because his job has gained him a lot of experience, a lot of insights and he has the access to a lot of valuable and important information.

The other day, my parents were completely in a fix about their investments, they were puzzled as to where they should invest their money as they were two old age people who were retired and they had nothing much to do the entire day. They asked for advice from my husband as they knew that their son in law would surely direct them down the right path, my husband firstly advised them to use their free time to volunteer at an organisation. He suggested them to volunteer for Red Cross, in this way they will be able to put their time to a better use and they would be able to help many people who need their assistance in some way or the other. Secondly, he introduced my parents to this global crowd funding program, which is the biggest one in the world I suppose, name Globalgiving. My husband further explained that his colleague is a constant participant in this organisation and that he has helped raise funds for many causes. Although my parents were excited about this crowdfunding idea but they were a little skeptical about it. Is GlobalGiving legit was there major concern, to which my husband explained that this organisation is a 501 US-based charitable organization and they are here to serve the mankind. The organization brings together donors, nonprofits and companies from almost all the countries around the globe. This technology based platform helps other nonprofits with funds they require and provide them with robust crowdfunding tools. GlobalGiving enables donors to make contributions to nonprofits irrespective of their size and the place they belong to.

My parents took the advice of my husband and now they are pretty much happy to be a part of this program as they have witnessed people getting help via their money.

Cupid Instagram Captions

My best friend Jared has been single and ready to mingle for a while now, he has been on various dating apps from the past eight months now and all he has encountered are cheap men looking for hooks up while Jared is looking for something serious. He wants a serious commitment and a real companion, fooling around is not an option.

Jared is exceptionally cute, good looking and his presence is electric, he draws a lot of attention of people if he’s standing in a room, he also attracts a lot of female attention because of obvious reasons, but he is interested in men. Also, he has a lot of female friends which explains a lot about his amazing dressing sense and his mind blowing advises related to relationships, but he is my best friend, my buddy and my childhood companion. Although I had a hunch about his orientation, he came out of the closet and confessed everything to me when we were fourteen years old, I was the first person with whom he had confided in. Back then when he came out of the closet, he was crying(believe me he looks ugly when he cries) and felt guilty about his feelings,he did not have the nerve to come out to his family, to which I supported him and told him to be proud about himself, I also told him to follow some famous icons to register and comply in his life. I guess my advice was not that bad and he finally decided to come out to his family and he documented the process on his phone. He invited his father, mother,grandmother and little brother to sit on the dining table and then announced that he had something important to tell them, he confessed that he was interested in men and he is gay, his parents were overjoyed that their son trusted them and told the truth, Jared was crying and everybody group-hugged him. His mother lastly said that she wanted her son to be happy, no matter what. Everyone then hugged each other and decided to have a small pizza party, it was the sweetest thing ever.

Since then, Jared has been looking for someone to date, he dated two guys , but they were just looking for fun, nothing serious, one of them even cheated on Jared, which left him heart broken. Jared gave up on the idea of love and though that he was never going to get a partner, but then I came to the rescue and convinced my best buddy to sign up on some dating sites, he was so dissapointed with the likes of men on one of the most famous dating portal, he almost gave up. One day, he was scrolling through Instagram, he saw a man in his explore section, he had so many followers. Jared found him really cute but then decided to dig a little deeper on his Instagram profile,he saw the guy’s pictures, they were marvelous, the guy seemed to be a professional photographer and the captions he had written were outstanding, specially his family captions were creative, witty and emotional. So, Jared decided to ping him on Instagram appreciating his captions and now, the two of them are meeting tomorrow.

I seriously hope and pray that my best friend gets the happiness that he deserves as he in the kindest, sweetest and the most humble man.

Keys to Happiness

So this world is an absolute mess, people are going crazy, they do absurd things like living their own lives according to the people who don’t even matter, like not pursuing their dreams in fear of judgement from the people of the society, like stressing themselves about the things which do not even hold much value, like pretending to be someone else and forgetting their own personality, like doing things according to their loved ones just because their loved ones had ambitions that could not be fulfilled and what not. Even more crazy thing is that there are people who make other people’s life a living hell just because those people are a little out of the league, I mean why? What is the fun in meddling your noses in someone else’s business when there is so much to do, so much to achieve in this life alone? As far as I have lived my life and as far I have seen my loved ones living their own, I realized that minding my own business and doing what I like is the best feeling ever as a feeling of fulfillment is what we strive for in this life.

We will have to accept the fact that our society will have a problem in no matter what we do, so it is better that we should swear by some keys of happiness

  1. Social media is just for entertainment: People are highly active on social media like Facebook,Instagram, etc. they post about their awesome lives or flaunt about what gadgets they have or showcase their voluptuous bodies or flaunt about their relaxing vacations. These people are living their lives and showcasing it, which is fine, but getting a serious fear of missing out or FOMO by watching them is just not good. Having a good job or a healthy mind and body is more important, building a healthy body image is more important than achieving someone else’s body goal. Relaxing on the couch playing FIFA using fifa mobile coins is also a good life. Having extra ordinary moments all the time is not necessary like the people on social media. Trust me, even they have dull moments, the difference is that they don’t post about that.
  2. Chase your own goals:  Agreed that our loved ones wants what is best for us, they do not mean to hurt us, but in their love they forget that you have your own personality, you have your own dreams and you have your own ambitions. Make your loved ones understand that although you understand their love , it is still not fair to levy their particular ambitions on you.
  3. Remove your fear of judgement: The mindset of “What will people think” is one of the most toxic thing your mind can produce as it stops you from pursuing your dreams. It is rather better to live your dreams because the society or the people around you will judge you, no matter what. Even if you succeed there will be several questions and doubt they will raise, thus, believing in yourself is a much better option.
  4. Love yourself first: Your first love should always be you, yourself. Always put yourself first before anyone else as this romance with your own self is for a lifetime, every one else be it your family, your partner or your friends are a part of your life for a limited time.

These are the keys that I make sure I follow on a daily basis and I would advice that every human being should follow these basic rules for happiness and contentment.

E-commerce Business in Bhopal

Starting an eCommerce business in Bhopal is not as easy as other businesses. It is the combination of hard work, demand, and decision at the right time. You must have a perfect idea or blueprint of your business. The first thing you have to do is to decide about the type of business you want to bring forward. There are different types of business you can select like textile, gems and jewellery, food processing (pulses and dates), grocery and more. These businesses are very competitive in Bhopal. E-Commerce is a platform where you can bring different groups of goods in a single unit. Setting up a company is not tough but advertising your company is the toughest thing you must be concerned about. There are various SEO Companies in Bhopal where you can approach for the advertisement.

Now coming to your eCommerce business plan, you have to make note of certain things that will grow your business as well as earn profit. Here are some of the guidelines you can follow before setting up your business

Selection of Products

This is the foremost thing that comes to mind when you enter a new online business. What product you will sell to your customer so that you can attract them. So, for the product selection, you must have adequate knowledge of the market. Take a survey of the demand, value, profit, manufacture, etc of different products. After having those ideas, select the product and make a list of twenty to twenty-five products for the initial startup.

After selection, evaluate your ideas on selling your product to the customer. On evaluation, you must follow some of the basic market rules. Go through the demand of the products in the market, is the demand high or low and accordingly, you can invest in that product. Next, look at the competitors in the market, survey their background and stability. Then evaluate the price list of the products. Initially, you can keep the price at a low profit, so that you can increase the customer base.

Making the Product and Delivery

The next thing you have to work on after selecting the product is, how to obtain the product. There are different ways of getting the product

➤ You can manufacture the products of your own. Manufacturing products will make a profit for your startup business. Because you have to manufacture according to the demands of the market. If the demand is high, you can produce in large amounts and if the demand is low, you can produce in fewer amounts.

➤ Contact a manufacturer company and make a deal about your product and necessity. They will manufacture for you and you can run your business.

➤ After the availability of the product, you can decide to sell the product in wholesale or retail, according to the customer requirement. You can also deliver your product at the doorstep of the customer.

Name and Popularity

To run your business, you must have a good name according to the business plan. Popularity is also important if your company must be known to everyone. You must advertise your company online as well as offline. For offline you can take out a print and circulate in the market. For online, contact one of the SEO Companies in Bhopal to make a website for your product and raise the popularity of your business.

These are some of the guidelines you can follow for starting a new eCommerce business in Bhopal.

Prodigy Loves Clash Royale

Shanon is a journalist for an online news portal Her news portal is a hit on social media and other platforms,they have been pretty much viral for all the right reasons, mostly because of their philanthropist works. Her organisation was chasing a prodigy, Jake because he was a philanthropist himself. He was constantly denying calls for interviews,but eventually he gave in. She interviewed him over the call , keeping the pandemic in mind. Following is the article written by the journalist

                                                                               The Prodigy Speaks
Malibu, California: Jake , the famous prodigy finally gave in and got ready for an interview with us, we chased him for days at end and now finally he agreed to interact with us.
Jake is a highly down to earth child, he is fifteen years old but he behaves like he is already an adult. We firstly inquired as to why he was denying interviews with us, to which he replied that he never wanted the attention, he knew that he is a genius, but still he wanted to be treated like other kids. He was never fond of fame but his mind blowing mind never allowed people to be mum about him.
He is such an inquisitive child that he started inquiring us about our portal and how it works. He was excited about our venture going viral and how we are doing an excellent work by reaching out to millions of people and how our organization reaches out to people who need our assistance in any way or need our help financially , mentally or physically. Such a polite child he was, we were thrilled to be in conversation with him.
We further inquired him about his routine and how does he spend his spare time, to which he replied that he is fond of playing piano and playing online games. There is one particular game that he likes playing is clash royale galaxy. He tells that the game is not like other games, it has a clash royale generator which provides with gems which boosts your character in the game. He seemed to be really excited about the game and was talking endlessly about it. His routine seemed to be quite like a normal child. He loves spending time with his cute little dog Daniel and just like other kids he loves going to school.
We inquired him about his childhood, to which he said that he remembers quite a deal about it. He started walking earlier than the other kids and he learnt to speak fluently at a very early age. By the age of seven, he was able to speak four languages fluently, that is, English, French, Spanish and Russian.
 Further, we asked him about his charity work and why he never spent his pocket money or his scholarship on food and games like other kids of his age did, to which he replied that the people who are actually needy could put his money to better use and the level of satisfaction he gets with the smile of the person who gets the money is much more valuable than the dollars he has in his pocket.
Jake truly is a prodigy and he has a heart of gold. This world needs more people like Jake to make it a better place to live in.
Best Middle East Countries To Live And Work

Middle eastern countries are beautiful and a must to visit place for travelers. These countries offer the best in world cuisines, with royal stays at the most luxurious hotels and a rich lifestyle to the people who are actually living there. Middle eastern countries are very rich economically due to abundant oil and gas reserves present there and these nations are the biggest exporters of gas and petroleum products. 

But there are certain things which might stop you from living there like their country laws in many situations can be very strict but at the same time, they are made to put a line between what is wrong and what’s right to do for individuals. However, if you want to settle down here and make money then these countries can help you in building a huge empire of yourself as they are really good when it comes to paying off the workers. Here are some of the best middle eastern countries to work and live in.

United Arab Emirates

The best always grab the first spot and the United Arab Emirates is the best place to work with a high standard of living. Abu Dhabi is the capital of this nation while Dubai is the traveler’s hub. In the UAE you can easily earn a good amount of money with regular working shifts for 9 hours per day. Earning potential in the UAE is the most if you want to live in any of the middle eastern countries. Use the UAE Salary Calculator to calculate your salary and convert it into your currency, if you are from some other place in the world.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is among the major Arab countries, which is also the most populous nation in the Middle Eastern region. That’s the main growth market for the nation, hence why currently more than 6 million foreign nationals are employed in the nation. Such people are fascinated by outstanding residential amenities and modern schools. The majority of work openings are in the oil and gas sector of the nation. Even so, strategies have been adopted to grow other sectors in order to enhance the economy by reducing the strong dependency on oil. Saudi Arabia is a restricted territory, so you could only get standard visa permission to enter the region.


Qatar is the wealthiest per-capita economy in the world and is currently conducting a period of massive infrastructure growth. Qatar maintains a borderline with the UAE and maintains a comparatively democratic lifestyle. Due to the continuous rise in oil and gas prices, Qatar has been one of the fastest-growing countries on the planet, holding the world’s highest capital projects. People are eager to invest their money in the Qatar markets due to its exceptional growth in the past few years. Qatar can be a very good place for people who are willing to work in a modern and growing economy.


Bahrain’s economy depends highly on oil and natural gas, however, the nation is indeed a well-established hub of finance. Bahrain comes under the smallest regions in the middle east. The nation has been seen as a comfortable and metropolis hub where cultural and intellectual liberties and the right to consume beer have been allowed. Bahrain is said to have a strong variety of cultures, and foreigners are warmly embraced and supported. The required to work 40 to 48 hours maximum in Bahrain or it depends on the policy of the company.

Read And Understand About Bitcoin Mining Process

Bitcoin mining is the method of checking and tracking bitcoin transactions in the global blockchain ledger. In the database, trades are confirmed by the consumers of Bitcoin, so practically exchanges must be confirmed by the participants in the network. People that have the equipment and technological power individuals need are termed, miners.

There are many software and hardware in the current world that can be beneficial in bitcoin mining. MyBTCgenerator.com is one such website that is offering bitcoin mining service and most importantly it is 100 percent genuine and working.

To grasp the mining process, you first need to recognize the three main blockchain principles.

Public Ledger Distributed: A Distributed Ledger is a database of all dealings held around the world through the bitcoin blockchain. The authentication of trades in the system is performed by the consumers of Bitcoin. 

SHA-256: Blockchain avoids illegal entry by using the SHA-256 encryption algorithm to guarantee that sections are kept protected. They’re registered online. The hash value, when created, cannot be modified. SHA-256 receives an input sequence of any type and produces a set 256-bit result, and this is a one-way measure. You cannot completely infer the opposite of the input from the outcome. 

Evidence of Function: In cryptocurrency mining, miners verify transactions by addressing a complicated mathematical problem called proof – of – work. To do the same, the main goal of the miner is to calculate the nonce quality, and that nonce valuation is the numerical question that miners are needed to solve in order to produce a hash which is less than the goals date by the system for a specific block.

Bitcoin Mining Hardware

In the initial periods of bitcoin, miners then solved mathematical problems utilizing standard processors—control processing units (CPUs). It used to take more time to mine Bitcoins as well as other cryptos, although the complexity scales were simpler than what they are nowadays. As described above the degree of complexity continues to shift and raise, such that the miners have had to boost their production capacity. 

They identified that graphical processing units (GPUs) appeared to be more effective than standard CPUs, but this still had the downside of using more energy. The mining firm would determine the return on investment on the basis of equipment and the expense of energy and other services required to carry out the mining activity. 

Miners currently utilize equipment named ASIC, originally developed for the mining of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It uses less electricity and greater processing power. Miners are successful when the expense of one portion of mined assets would be less than the price of the incentive.

How Bitcoin Miners Are Compensated  

The system acknowledges the performance of the miners in the form of bonuses for creating new chains. There are two main forms of incentives: the new Bitcoin generated with each block, and also the costs incurred by users for trading on the channel. The bulk of mining income is the block incentive of the freshly minted Bitcoin, which amounts to 6.25 BTC as of May 2020. This cost is designed to be halved at set intervals of nearly 4 years because then, finally, no more bitcoin is produced and only trading fees ensure network stability. 

By 2040, the block reward will be limited to far less around 0.2 BTC and just 80,000 of Bitcoin’s 21 million will be available for grabs. Just after 2140, mining will essentially stop as the last BTC is gradually being mined.

Top Five Substitutes For Smashing Four Game

Smashing four in an online one vs one game where you battle with your enemy in the same arena and try to defeat them within the shortest span of time and with the least number of moves. You have to choose a four plate deck in order to start the game and make sure you choose the best team. Smashing four deck builder strategy can be based on your knowledge about the payers and the arenas.

Although this game made a huge user base in a very short time period, there are certain options for the people who want to explore similar kinds of gameplay of similar strategy-based games. We have a list of games here that can be a good fit for the people looking for a substitute for this game.

Clash Of Clans

Clash Of Clans is a strategy based game and it is one of the most popular games ever by the creator Supercell. In the clash of clan game the players use all existing means, create the entire town, protect it against the terrifying opponents, predators, and thousands of random users. You may make bold partnerships with your buddies to achieve power through armed force, strike your rivals, and capture their lands, wealth, and seize the wealth. It can be found both on android and ios platforms for free.

War Heros

This game can be a perfect replacement for the smashing four games as it has some same features just like smashing four. War heroes is a pure strategy, multiplayer game where players from all around the globe come online and compete with each other, and that too for free. Here in this game, you have to collect cards and upgrade them with weapons and troops. Some more cards like destructive aircraft and flame throwers are also there that can be utilized in combat.

Mighty Battles

Mighty Battle is developed by Hothead Games for mobile devices and it is a multiplayer, strategy-based game. In this game, the commander will build his clan and command the army to attack the opponent to destroy the opponent’s base to win the game points. The game has very clean and outstanding gameplay and it can engage you for hours without taking a break. You can compete with anyone around the one in a one on one manner and upgrade your squad after winning over them.

Jungle Heat

Jungle heat is another addition to the large user base of multiplayer in real-time strategy-based games from the developers My.com BV. The game is set up in the jungle area and you have to build your kingdom or clan and grow it by finding the required nourishment from the nearby area. The game has three major currencies that can be used in purchases which are gold, oil, and gems. Strengthen your base by developing labs, resources, and training your troops to attack and conquer your opponents.

Chaos Battle League

Chaos battle league is developed by Game Studio, Inc. and it is a very fast-paced, multiplayer strategy based online game. You can have a conversation while in the game with other players and exchange your cards to uplift your game characters. You can play this game for free but if you want some extra goodies, you can get it from the in-game store by paying a price.

Best car brands in the UAE

UAE is known for oil production to the world. On the other side, the UAE is also a fast-growing automobile industry despite breaking all sales records. The growth of the automotive industry says that the UAE has gained power and potential in this market.

There are many brands of car successfully increasing their business every year and some are just there on a low scale. The reason for a successful business in the UAE is due to the customer’s demands and the other not getting it. The replacement of older technology to the new technology is one of the most rated points you can say.

The increasing safety in the cars and the addition of modern technology to it attracts the customer to buy. Nowadays the car companies are trying to give a better look to their brand with comfort and a powerful engine. They are also working in the interior design as well as exterior design to give a stylish look. The interior design is set with a brilliant touch screen interface, heated seats, fancy digital gauge, interior embellishments, power liftgates and remote start along with the safety gauge like an airbag, anti-lock brake, seat belts, electronic stability control, shatter-resistant glass and pre-collision technology. 


Coming to the exterior design, it becomes very challenging for the designer to give essential shapes, curves, the shoulder to meet the safety regulation. Designers also select the material that must be used in different parts of the vehicle like fabric, plastic, metal as well as the paint pattern, bumpers, wood trims, etc.

Here are some of the car brands that meet all the above-discussed facilities-

1.Toyota: Toyota is one of the world’s largest car manufacturer giants and undoubtedly one of the best car brands rated in the United Arab Emirates. Toyota is a Japan-based multinational automotive manufacturer that has successfully tried to win its customer’s hearts by producing reliable, eco-friendly and economical cars with advanced safety features. They used a pre-collision system with pedestrian detection, dynamic radar cruise control, lane departure alert, automatic high beams, lane tracing assist and road sign assist features in it. Among the brands, Toyota Corolla and Toyota Land Cruiser are the most favourite cars in UAE for their efficiency, 4-cylinder engine, rear parking sensor, leather steering wheel, split-folding seats, keyless entry with starter button and several other features.

2.Mercedes-Benz: Mercedes-Benz a German-based automobile manufacturer is known for luxury cars, buses, coaches and trucks. Mercedes E-class, S-class and C-class are the most selling vehicles in the UAE. The manufacturer does not lack behind to innovate and redefine into its every model. It is an advanced technology, durable and reliable brand in the UAE.

3.BMW: BMW is best known for manufacturing the best sports car and high-class luxury car. It is a US-based automotive manufacturer that meets the speed standard with modern technology. Some of the models like BMW M3, X, X5 series are listed in the most selling for its high speed and dynamic quality and handling.

Those were some of the best car brands in the UAE that run on the road and won the heart of the car lover customers of UAE. There is one thing that you have to be really careful about when choosing a car brand in the UAE. Car companies may offer you insurance companies to get your car insurance done. You have to make sure to do your own research and compare the cheapest car insurance in the UAE. This way you can save yourself a lot of extra costs when buying a new car. There are many resources on the internet which give you information on the cheapest car insurance companies in the UAE. Make sure to check them out.